StarCom Information Technology Limited

Board of Directors

Mr. Ziaulla Sheriff

Mr. Sheriff is the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of StarCom Information Technology Limited. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, better known as a builder who has changed the Skyline of Bangalore with his mega projects of housing and office-buildings in the city of Bangalore. The lesser-known aspect of Mr. Ziaulla Sheriff is his role as an unassuming philanthropist and community leader.

Mr. Mohankumar Maddur Gundurao

Mr. Gundurao is a director on the Board of StarCom Information Technology Limited. Mohan Kumar is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is in practice as a consultant and advisor to reputed firms for last 28 years; Held prestigious positions with various corporations as Finance Director & CFO.

Mr. Laxminarayan K Purohit

Mr. Purohit is a director on the board of StarCom Information Technology Limited and is Chartered Accountant by profession. Currently he works as General Manager Finance in IBC Group.